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Are you considering pursuing DJing as a career option? DJing is one of the few careers that allow you to make a living from what you love. In fact, it lets you convert your passion into a career that is full of glamor and fun. Unlike other careers, DJing is also one of the few careers that you can learn from the comfort of your home and go on to perform with the best artists and entertainers. One of the popular and comprehensive online DJ courses that let anyone learn how to become a successful DJ easily and quickly is the DJ Masters Course. The course offers you a chance to learn DJing from international DJs with over 15 years experience at the top of the game. In this DJ Masters Course Review, you find everything that the course entails to help you find out whether it is the best option for you.

DJ Lessons Online

What does the DJ Masters Course entail?

When you order DJ Lessons Online, you get a step-by-step how to DJ program that is simple for anyone to follow. The program has exercises, diagrams, audio samples, tips, techniques and technical information to help you fast track learning. The program also has a simple digital workbook guide that outlines everything you need to know about equipment, song structure, DJ terminology, how to source DJ music, harmonics and how to get started in the industry.

The course also has video tutorials in high definition that feature a step-by-step demonstration by the professionals to guide you through every skill and technique necessary to mix music like a pro DJ. The course also comes with virtual DJ software that lets you start practicing immediately on your computer, which comes in handy to beginners without a DJ set up. In addition to the tutorials, ordering the DJ Masters Course comes with additional benefits that include members’ access and ongoing support. The members’ access lounge lets you contact the professionals direct as well as gain access to bonus content that include articles, videos, and additional lessons. With a click of the mouse, you can also get assistance from the digital programmers, leading DJ professionals, and content editors.

For easy learning, the course is categorized into eight exercises that focus on different skills. You will be asked to complete a series of interactive exercises as you progress through the course to make sure that you have mastered each step before moving to the next. The way the course is structured means that you will have all the skills and knowledge to create perfect seamless mixes by the time you finish the last step.


In addition to being well structured for quick learning, the how to become a DJ Masters Course has many other features that make it ideal for beginners and advanced learners willing to expand their DJing skills further. Some of these unique benefits include the chance to learn from international superstar DJs, lifetime updates, on-demand learning, priority email support, instant access and advice from the industry experts. The course is also structured in a way that will help you fast track your success by helping you avoid bad habits as well as wasting time on outdated methods.

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Jamplay Review 2017

Jamplay Review 2017 – should you join Jamplay? Is Jamplay worth the money? Find out in this online guitar lessons review article.

With more than 457,000 users Jamplay is the most efficient and helpful online guitar lessons website. There are more than 5291 video lessons for beginners and daily live sessions from 80 prolific instructors. For any guitarist who wants cost effective, thorough guitar lessons, Jamplay is the answer. This detailed Jamplay review will help you decide why it is the most popular and efficient way for learning guitar.

Jamplay Review 2017

Different Phases for the different level of Learners.

Rather than starting from the very beginning, Jamplay gives you the option to chose the phase in which your knowledge of guitar can be placed. The four phases are- Fundamental skills, Genre Skills, Real Songs and Songwriting. There is another phase called the Artist Series which features a few high-quality video lectures from some of the renowned and favorite guitarists.

Videos that feel real

On Jamplay, the videos are filmed in High Definition so that the learners can get the best possible view. Even the minutest details are very clear in each of the lessons, and the camera angles are focused in a way that you would feel as if you’re in the same room as the instructor. With numerous instructors and varied styles available to learn, Jamplay features the widest range of songs.

Start by Signing Up

Once you sign up and log in, there might be a lot of choices and options for you instructing how you can start. Do not get confused and head to the forum and check out the most excellently arranged guitar lessons with different songs, artists, and styles at your fingertips. You will see a ‘Help With Lessons’ section upon logging in on Jamplay where you can discuss with fellow learners about where to start, what to look at and anything that you need help with.

There is also a ‘community and interaction’ section on Jamplay which is more like a personal social media space of Jamplay where learners can upload pictures and interact with each other. You can make friends, discuss guitar tricks and upload any content you want to share.

A helpful and innovative part of Jamplay is the Live Instructor Q and A schedule. Using can check this to know what time different instructors will be conducting a live session cum workshop. Different styles are discussed in each Live Instructor Q and A.

Finest and most Diverse Guitar Lesson Content.

This is the most appealing part of Jamplay. There are five different skill level sections on the left, each leading to some cool and exciting guitar videos, namely:

Phase 1
Phase1 basically houses all the videos that are meant for beginners who are just starting with their guitar lessons. You can listen, learn and practice by looking at these HD videos of different instructors on different styles. Jamplay also gives you a choice to choose between acoustic or electric guitar lessons.

Phase 2
Phase 2 is a more advanced level with even more exciting content. Divided into two different levels namely Genre Lessons and Skill lessons, Jam play gives you a choice between following your Genre or enhancing your playing skills. You can look at both and learn both but it us advisable to follow where your interest lies.

Phase 3
Phase 3 allows you to learn different songs from albums and movies, The best part is that you get to listen to your favorites and learn to play them at a whole new level. There are hundreds of songs to listen to and learn, from Beatles to Nirvana.

Phase 4
Phase 4 is for when you become a pro at guitar and want to compose your own songs. There are videos from students who have written and recorded their own songs. You can listen to them and get inspiration to start with your own song.

Although there are other websites too like Guitar Tricks for online lessons, what makes Jamplay stand out its extensive collection of lessons and a well categorized set up. You can choose your level and start where you want to without the hassle of having just one go at a lesson. Be patient while you try to find where on Jamplay is your space and you will realize that there is actually a treasure of guitar lessons waiting to be uncovered. At just USD 19.95 per month, Jamplay is undoubtedly the best online guitar tuitions website.


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